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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Weekend Workouts

Yesteday was a good workout. Kyle aka Deester came to the gym and worked out with me. I ran 2.27 miles and continued my new lifting regime. I woke up this morning a little sore so I skipped the morning workout in lieu of an afternoon workout.

I got to the gym today and ran 1.75 miles, rowed for 6 minutes and then swam a half mile.

This weekends workouts were a pretty big win in returning to the gym after illness. I also managed to find some nice bike shoes on clearance at Dick's for 45$ and I ordered cleats from amazon. My dad will be sending me his old trainer and I am going to start riding in my house until the until the roads no longer have snow on them.

The half iron man is looking a little bleak right now, but I am not ruling it out until I run the half marathon at IU with Mike in April, where I will be able to judge my fitness level.

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