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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Great Day for working out

I woke up this morning ready to get out and run. The temperature was in the 50s, it was pretty overcast and it was slightly windy. I started off my run by doing a 5 mile loop just west of my house. That brought me back home, to get some water and continue along on my run. I then hit the 5 mile loop just east of my house. Overall, I managed to cover 10.23 miles in 1:29:43. My pace was 8:46 a mile with a fastest single mile time being 8:06 for my first mile. If was able to continue this pace, which I think I could, I would finish the half marathon in 1:55:13. That is a great time for me as my last half marathon was 1:59:01. The course I ran today had an excellent amount of hills for practice with a total elevation change of 144 feet.

When I got home, I felt tired but not tired enough to the point where I was ready to be done. I drove to the gym where I proceeded to do a complete lift and a half mile swim. I spent the last 2 hours in recovery mode as it seems my 3 hours of total workout time today was a little exhausting. Now I feel excellent though and I will continue to stretch the remainder of the day and tomorrow. Tomorrow, will be a great rest day and my first day off in about a week and half.

Monday I pick up my Nike+ half marathon training program with a 5 mile run and something else to add into my triathlon training.

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