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Saturday, April 21, 2012

15 and 60 mile rides

Last night, after packet pickup for the Kansas Half Marathon, I went to the downtown airport to ride a quick 15-20 miles before the sun went down. I needed a time trial run for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge as I won't be able to make the official Cerner time trial. My legs were a little tight and I wasn't able to go as fast as I wanted to last night so that was a little unfortunate. The wind was also blowing the opposite direction that it normally blows, that wasn't a factor at all but just a little odd. I ended up going just over 15 miles. I hope my time is fast enough to qualify as I think that would be really fun. Today, I had to do my longest ride in the training plan. I rode 60.10 miles. I rode all the miles at the airport as well. Today, my main goal was to learn how to ride in my aero bars and use my aero drink holder, so I chose the flattest course I could think of for that. I spent at least half of the ride on the aero bars. I rode the first 20 miles with Joe from work and we averaged 17.8 mph over that time. When he was done, I stopped and talked to him for a couple minutes before jumping back on the bike to cover another 40 miles. At about mile 39, my Gatorade reservoir ran out so I stopped at my car to refill it and my water (even though the water reservoir was no where close to empty). I ended up average the first 20 miles at 18.2 mph, the second 20 miles at 22.3 mph and the last 20 miles at 21.8 mph for a total average of 20.5 mph. I learned how to ride on my aero bars and use my drink reservoirs successfully as well, so I will take that as a win. I have a few adjustments to make but I feel confident on them and will take them out to Longview Lake on Wednesday for my Ride/Run brick. There will be no swimming today unfortunately. The pool at work is closed today. I am staying up at Shari's tonight and there really isn't another alternative. I think it will be ok though. Now, I can switch my focus to the Kansas Half Marathon I am running the morning. 2 half marathons in 8 days? Hooray!

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