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Thursday, April 5, 2012

50 minutes of running

There was some light rain in the area yesterday and my hip was really sore for some reason. Rather than ride on my trainer, I decided to take the day off and just stretch a bunch. This seemed to work pretty well as my hip was still sore this morning but not nearly as bad. I did however run into another problem this morning that has been reoccuring as of late. I am continually getting an ear ache in my left ear. I think it is mostly due to swimming because it only hurts the days after swimming. I just ordered some swimmer's ear plugs to help with that and they will be here tomorrow.

Today was not a complete loss though. I got in a really good run. I ran 6.81 miles in about 53 minutes. My first mile was a warmup at about 8:10 and then I progressively picked up my speed as I continued along. This resulted in my first negative split in a while and all miles after the first one were sub 8min/mile.

If my ear ache is gone tomorrow morning, I will get my swim in before work.

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