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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Illness Ensues

I did my best to fight off a GI Virus that hit with full force two Thursday night's ago. I fought it all last weekend and missed all of my workouts until Tuesday night.

I finally got back to testing things on Tuesday night even though I was still suffering. The stomach cramps had dropped a lot but I was still having problems. I got in 30 minute run. I definitely felt dehydrated and had to use the bathroom almost immediately on finishing the run. Then I headed to softball and played for 2 hours. I only had one bowel attack during the games and it was right at the end.

On Wednesday, I got outside on my bike to give me new wheels a spin. I didn't want to go to crazy because things still weren't feeling that great. I rode just under 10 miles. The wheels are definitely faster than my old wheels. I could hold 26-27 mph on flat land with a lot less effort and cruising at almost 20 mph average after being sick was a plus even if it was such a short distance.

On Thursday, I got in my last big workout before this morning's half marathon. I ran a nice and slow for 50 minutes. Everything felt alright and I didn't think I would have any problems running this morning. I followed that up with some light swim, as this was the first day back in the pool in over a week. I got in 1000 yards. My main set was just a straight 500 yard swim and it felt relatively slow, but that is understandable considering the week I had had before hand.

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