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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ride/Run Brick

Today, I kind of threw together a Ride/Run brick. I have a triathlon tryout tomorrow for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge and I didn't want to ride or run in the morning so I figured why not do them both today :)

I started of with a pretty good ride. I rode 53 miles. Everything went really well on the ride except when I got toe 291 highway. I looked across the intersection and saw a cop blockade. Apparently, there was a running race this morning and some of the roads were blocked off. This quickly became a fun challenge to find my way around but eventually, I found a route and got back on track. It definitely slowed my started down a little bit but not enough to really matter. I ate 2 clif bars and 3 Gu's on the bike. I also guzzled down all 92 ounces of water that I brought with me (50 ounces in the aquacell and another 42 in my water bottles). I practiced reloading the aquacell with water while riding today too, so hopefully I can do that on the bike course to help with not stopping at the stops.

Today's transition wasn't as much about speed as it was about trying to rub as much of my sweat on Shari as I could. I also used that time to sit in the A/C for a little bit and cool down before heading back out. I took about 8 minutes to transition. If I did that at an event, that would suck big time.

As usual, my run started off too fast. I really want to run a 9 minute/mile for the Half Ironman. I think that is almost the perfect pace for me for that long of an endurance event. I wanted to run 10 miles today but I ended up with 8.25 miles. The heat definitely played a part of that but another big factor was leaving my last Gu at home. I definitely hit mile 4 and reached in my back pocket to realize it wasn't there. When I got home, it was sitting on the stairwell right where I left it :(.

Today's workout was awesome though. It was by far the longest single workout I have done from a time and distance perspective. I also got outside about the same time I will get on my bike for the half iron man so that helped me see how hot it might be and get used to that. I am not really worried at this point about completing the distance, as I know I can do that. It is all a matter of how fast I can do it. I originally thought 5 to 5.5 hours would be possible but realistically with transitions, I would be perfectly happy with 5.5 to 6 hours.

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