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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AM Swim/PM Run

I pretty well dread Tuesdays because they are always my longest swim days. It wouldn't be so bad either if they were just straight swims, but these swims always have a lot of intervals, drills and other stuff that makes it take longer. Overall, today's swim was 2500 yards. It took almost an hour so I had to get up extra early. At least there is no swim on Wednesdays, so I can sleep in until 7 instead.

Tonight, I started the first of several "quality" workouts. These workouts are designed to work on speed, working past max hr efforts and working past lactic acid thresholds. This workout was a run consisting of 3 half mile intervals. I started with a 1.5 mile warmup. Then I did the following set 3 times: 1/2 mile at fast pace (pushing hr as high as I can), 1/4 at recovery pace and 1 minute of complete rest. When I finished this, I ran another 1.5 miles to cooldown and then walk 1/4 mile. I managed to run my intervals at a pretty quick pace at 6:40, 6:50, 7:04 respectively. I definitely got slower each time, but my HR increased higher each time. It was nearly impossible to get my HR into the 160s on the first interval but much easier for the second 2 intervals.

Tomorrow, I have my first quality bike workout so I am looking forward to that.

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