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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pullups and Trainer Ride

No swim this morning but I still did pullups at work. My 5 sets today were 7,6,5,4,5+. I ended up with 7 for my last set so that was pretty good and brought my total to 30 for the day. I did a couple extra wide arm ones for fun.

Tonight I hopped on the trainer. My training plan called for 35 miles but I didn't really have enough time to get that in completely cause of some work stuff that happened, causing me to stay until 8. I still managed to ride 28 miles and get my weekly bike mileage to 75 miles this week.

Time to sleep for 6 hours so I can get up and run 7 miles before flying to Florida until Tuesday. I plan on getting in some running but my updates might not come until Tuesday.

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