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My training week starts on Monday and runs through Sunday.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Started off the day with 1000 yards in the pool. It consisted of a 300 yard warmup, 5 x 100 intervals with 15 seconds rest between and a 200 yard cooldown. Then I stretched in the hot tub afterwards.

At work I did my 20 pullup challenge sets for the day. Todays set of 5 was 6, 5, 4, 5, 6+. I only managed to get 6 as my final set. I think this might have been the most in a set I have done as part of this challenge and things are looking pretty positive to do 10+ as part of the testing set next week.

After dinner and some lounging I got on the trainer for an easy 20 mile ride. I started off a little harder than I should have/wanted to but I think that is because I was used to that. Today's ride was supposed to be easy below normal and I managed to get everything under control by mile 5.

Gotta swim, do some pushups and run tomorrow. Should be really nice out tomorrow night so that means I should be able to get outside for that.

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