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My training week starts on Monday and runs through Sunday.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Started off the morning with a 1250 yard swim. This swim consisted of a 300 yard warmup, 8 x 100 intervals and 150 yard cooldown.

Later, I did the 100 pushup challenge for today. Todays goal was to do as many as possible in 1 set. I manage to do 80. I think I could have done more if I hadn't swam this morning.

Tonight, I ran 5 miles on the track. Shari came too and calibrated her foot pod for her garmin. I started off way to fast, but I think that was because it was so flat. Ideally this run, should have been much slower overall but once I started going, I slowed a little but was not going to slow down enough.

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