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Friday, March 2, 2012


I started off the morning with some lifting. I did squats (2x15 @ 135 lbs), overhead press (2x15 @ 75 lbs), deadlifts (2x15 @ 135 lbs), barbell curls (2x15 @ 40 lbs) and lunges (2x15 each leg with no weight).

Then I jumped in the pool for a 1000 yard swim. The swim consisted of a 300 yard warmup, 500 yards of straight swimming @ 1:51/100 yard pace, and 200 yard cooldown. I really concentrated on my glide and stroke today. I managed to get my average strokes per length to 10.6 which is down from my typical 11+ average. This is showing some improvements in my efficiency and is good to see. Now I just need to work on power. I would honestly be happy averaging 1:45/100 yard pace for any triathlons I do.

At work, I did pullups. I went in thinking this things were gonna be hard and that definitely showed today even though my form was significantly better. I was able to touch my chest on almost every set. My 5 sets for the day were 5, 4, 5, 6, 7+. Today there was no + for me though. I barely finished the 7. Swimming and lifting in the morning before hand definitely showed.

Tonight called for 20 mile ride, but I was feeling pretty tired and the lifting definitely took a toll on te this morning. I took a nap when I got home and was hoping I would feel a little better for a ride afterwards but that didn't give me enough energy so I decided to take the night off. Its not called a recovery week so you can work to exhaustion :)

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