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Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Workouts

Lots of activity this weekend.

First I ran 4 miles at the St Patricks Day 4 mile run in Westport with Shari. We had a lot of fun running it, even though Shari likes to tell me to shut up when we are running. She didn't know this, but I was concentrating on a high cadence for the run to help with me leg turnover and I was able to keep it around 86 or 87 when we were running. Then she kept throwing me off with surprise sprints so I had to figure out what to do next. She finished in just under her goal of 55 minutes so that was pretty good. She also managed to run the whole first mile, which was hilly as crap, without stopping in 11:37.

Then we ate some food and I got my bike ready to ride. I met Joe at the downtown airport for some nice flat land riding. I rode 41 miles total. I rode the first 5 laps on my own at 21 mph. Then I caught Joe and rode with him for his last lap. We stopped when he was done and talked for a few minutes. Then I finished the last 5 laps I had for a total of 11. My average dropped on the lap with him but I was able to get it back up to 20 for the entire ride after he left. The airport is fun, gives you the opportunity to ride on some nice newly paved road with minimal hills. It was great for some aerobic training as you are constantly pedaling and can keep a pretty consistent hr. The downside is that you will always hit a wind going one way, so one direction will be a lot faster than the other.

Today, Shari and I went to 24 hour fitness. I needed to run 7-8 miles but it was raining outside and still a little chilly to run in the rain. I ran 8 miles in just over an hour. This run as most runs as of late was still pretty easy. I know that they are definitely going to pay off once I am ready to start the build phase of training and get faster. I finished up with a quick set of deadlifts. They are easily my favorite lift and are very beneficial.

My total mileage last week was 100.82 miles in 8:48:47. This is the first time I have broken 100 miles in my training so that was pretty cool.

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