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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tough Day

Its becoming more readily apparent that Tuesdays are going to be rough due to Softball being on Tuesdays as well. In any event, I did pushups, running, softball and swimming today.

Pushups went awesomely this morning. It was a test day to see how many I could do total. I did 56 straight before needing to stick my butt up for a small break. I came back down and kept going doing sets of 5-20 with small plank or butt raise breaks to finish the full 100 today. Ideally, I want to be able to do these straight without any plank or butt breaks. But just being able to do 100 without going to my knees was awesome to me.

Then I got in a 50 minute, 5.68 mile run over lunch. I typically start off my aerobic runs around 6.5-7 mph and slowly increase the speed over the course of the run. This run was easy again and I another run on Thursday and a 9-10 mile run on Saturday. This will be the first week of breaking 20 miles of running in a while and I am looking forward to increasing my run mileage.

After work, we had softball. It was really nice out tonight and got in a lot of sprints running around in center field. I also was happy to win our first game tonight.

Swimming tonight didn't go as well as I would have liked. Considering what else I did today though, I can take a small dip in performance in a late night swim. I swam 1500 yards total. More stroke work with pull paddles and kick work before churning out 16x50 yard intervals tonight. Most of those intervals were about 3-5 seconds slower than normal though.

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