Training Calendar

My training week starts on Monday and runs through Sunday.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

AM Swim and Run

I woke up to my dismay this morning at 5:45AM. I ate an oatmeal walnut raisin clif bar and layed in bed for 5 minutes. Then I jumped over the mental hurdle and started to put my swimsuit on and got ready to go to the gym.

I started off with a 1200 yard straight swim in 22:50. This is definitely my fastest time thus far and I think I can attribute that to starting to kick correctly.

I showered the chlorine off and went upstairs to the treadmill. I set the speed at 6.3 mph and ran for 4 miles. It was a really easy run, which is what I was looking forward too today.


  1. Andy! I hope your training is going as planned (or better).

    Kevin told me you were going to log your training. I'm going to be following it here.

    I want to know a couple of things:
    Vitals, age (group), weight
    Race schedule
    Goals for the year

    It will make following along much more meaningful.

  2. I would also like to know what plan(s) you are following.