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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Big Run and Lift

Today was the first race day of the year for both Shari and I.

We woke up at 7 am and ate some bananas, clif bars and oatmeal. The 5k race started at 9am. Shari's main goal was to finish in under 45 minutes and secondary goal was to finish in under 40 minutes. As we started running, she was on track to finish in about 38 to 39 minutes. But due to some back pain earlier this year, she hasn't had the time to put in to build her endurance. It become readily apparent just after the first mile and she had to slow down to a brisk walk. She kept pushing through varying her running and walking for the rest of the race but we slowly realized that 40 minutes was out of reach. She did a great job though of finishing strong and finished the 5k in 42:02. We rushed over and she downed some chocolate milk and water. I on the other hand had some water and a powergel to so I could get ready for my 10k.

I went over to my bag and switched out my shirt for my shirt with the 10k bib and my Asic GT2160s were replaced with my Vibram Bikilas. This was first first race with them and I was I a little wary of them, due to some foot pain I have had over the past week. I haven't warn the Vibram's since Wednesday or Thursday in hopes of alleviating the pain and as of yesterday and this morning, my feet were feeling great. I started off the race near the 7 min/milers and felt really good through the first 5k. My first split was around 22:15. At mile 4, I heard a familiar voice from behind shout to me , "Andy, is that you?". To my surprise, I was ahead of Whit at that point. He chatted with me for a minute or so. At one point he mentioned that I was by by far the biggest guy this far up in the pack. I guess that means in a battle for speed among fat men, I could win. Whit appeared to have a little more energy than me and he continued to speed up. I was trying to maintain my pace and knew I couldn't keep up with him unfortunately. He took off a little bit but I was never more than 15 seconds behind. At mile 5.5 I grabbed some more water and saw DaShaun go flying by on the other side of the course. I know he was aiming for a sub 50 finish. I checked my watch and knew he was well ahead of that. I started to pick up my speed so I could finish strong and ended up finishing the 10k in 44:21. My goal was 45 minutes, so I was ahead of that. This was also a new PR for me on the 10k by about 10 minutes and 30 seconds. I don't run many 10ks though seeing as this is my second. I finished and felt like I had no more energy left to exert. I knew I had done well and was pretty happy. I ran over to chug 2 chocolate milks for myself, along with some other food. Whit had finished almost 15-20 seconds ahead of me, so he ate and drank with me. Then I found DaShaun and told him congratulations as well. Then we waited for Joe to finish. He came strolling in around 1:04. He was shooting for a 10min/mile pace, so he was right on track.

Shari and I came home, showered and then napped for about 2-3 hours. At this point, Shari woke up exclaiming that she hurt a lot. I told her I was going to the gym as I still needed to lift for the day :). I hit the gym to do my StrongLifts for the day. I did squats @ 165 lbs, overhead press @ 100 lbs and deadlifts @ 200 lbs. Then I came home to do the pushup challenge reps for the day with Shari. I did 14, 16, 12, 12 and 18+2 extra reps at the end.

Overall, this was a great day for working out. Tomorrow I am going to play it by ear. My current thoughts are to take the day off completely, but if I do anything it will be a light trainer ride at night to work the lactic acid out.

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